I never worry when we have to go out of town because I know Vicki will be looking after our cats, dogs and horses while were away. 


I know that she will handle the various medications that some of our horses and one of our dogs needs.  If there's anything out of the ordinary that happens, she will let me know. 


Vicki always calls part way through our trip just to let us know that everything is fine  that's a huge comfort even though I know there is nothing to worry about.  She also always touches base to make sure we got home ok.


Vicki is a person who is easy to like and we've become friends.  The animals all like her too, which also makes us feel good.   Thank you Vicki and TLC Equine and Pet Care.


Peggy & Bruce Kelly

KellyGlen Farm, Paola, KS




          When we first met Vicki with TLC Equine & Pet Care we were impressed with her professionalalism. She is very likable and easy to be with. Our dog was comfortable with her right away.

           We fell confident and assured when we leave town knowing Vicki is taking good care of our dog in his own secure surroundings and lookinf after our house. She is reliable and trustworthy and stays in touch with us on a regular basis which gives us piece of mind.

           We appreciate Vicki's services and are grateful for the relationship we have with her.

Steve & Mary Jane Joyce
Louisburg, KS

Vicki has taken care of our three dogs and our house for 9 years. Our dogs are like our children and used to a lot of pampering and special treatment. Vicki is very good with them, in fact, I would not be comfortable trusting my pets to anyone else. Our dogs have a number of medical problems, ranging form old-age blindness to chronic diabetes, and all three of them have required alot of special care.. One needs insulin shots twice a day, the other needs specific medications, and lots of gentle handling. Vicki's experience with animals of all shapes and sizes, as well as her veterinary background make he an ideal caregiver.

I enjoy seeing the dog's reaction to Vicki when she stops over when I am home. They leap and jump around her with obvious joy. That tells me alot about how she cares for them in my absence. She ios able to handle each dog's individual needs and personality perfectly, from the timid one to the aggressive one. Vicki has also done some housesitting for me on long trips when I have taken my pets with me. I am so grateful to have someone like her to call. My home and my beloved pets are in safe and trusted hands. I would recommend her to anyone who needs someone completely trustworthy, and who has a fantastic rapport with animals.

Sara Bower Youngblood
Louisburg, KS