Welcome to TLC Equine & Pet Care!

TLC Equine & Pet Care cares for all species of animals. We offer your pets the freedom and the comfort of being able to stay in their own, comfortable surroundings. We will feed, walk, and give your pet that loving touch to comfort them when you are away. No more boarding your pets in stressful environments, less chance of your dog getting sick because of being overstressed and/or not eating. Knowing your pet is in the safety of your own home.

We will make your home look lived in while you are away. I will pick up mail, newspaper, take trash out, water indoor and outdoor plants, turn lights on & off, open and close shades/curtains. House Sitting services provided for an additional fee.

We also offer Pet Transportation. I will transport your pets to the vet, groomer, dog off leash park.

Make an appointment today and find out how comforting it can be to leave your beloved pets at home when you are away. Call today!